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Greetings traveler! I’m David Hamence -  this is my portfolio and website for my developing design brand - Ahnima Design. Based in Melbourne, Australia, I’m a final year student at RMIT university with a specialization in animation and VFX.  

‘Anima’ comes from the origins of the word ‘animation’. Which meant ‘bring to life’ and ‘soul’.  

Through Ahnima design I’m seeking to bring to life those powerful moments which come from the soul and speak to the soul. 

I think art and design can be a form of therapy and inspiration. A way of communicating deeper feelings and meanings than with words. A force to help deal with the ups and downs of life. And even in a world mired in destruction and divisiveness - to help feel more connected and understood. This is what I believe and aspire to, I’d love to work with others who share a similar philosophy and creative vision. Please use the ‘Let’s chat’ button if you want to contact me - or through my email or social media at the bottom of the page. Thanks for visiting :)

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Psychedelic Mandalas

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